Investing in financial markets demands time and effort in order to understand the nuances of businesses and market operations, and identify the right investment opportunities. While there are tones of professionals and market advisors who are there to guide you investing in stocks, mutual funds or bond markets, there only a few handful of investors to guide you in new blockchain and cryptocurrency projects.

The answer to this is simple! The blockchain and cryptocurrency market is relatively in its nascent stage of development and has yet to mature over the period of coming years, for people to understand it properly.

In the past few years, Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) have emerged as a popular method of fundraising for businesses wherein investors are given digital tokens, by the respective business platform, in exchange for their investments. However, for investing in ICOs, investors need to go through a proper assessment of the business structure, their growth plans and many other things. And thus it becomes advisable that one consults with professionals in this space who have a good understanding of the domain and can guide you to channelize your investments in the right direction.

Get The Right ICO Advise from OZEX

OZEX is one such platform which can help investors pick the right ICO available in the market by adequately verifying its credentials.

OZEX aims to establish a conducive and healthy environment in the crypto space while allowing good ICOs with value propositions to foster.

The OZEX platform is designed by a team of industry professionals who have been associated with the crypto space for a long time. Investors associated with the OZEX platform will be given futuristic tokens made by OZEX using which they can invest in different ICOs in the crypto market.

With multiple businesses flooding the crypto market with their own ICOs, it becomes essential to assess the right ones and invest in them at an early stage to reap good profits. OZEX thus acts as a clearing corporation for the ICO market.

For owners of the OZEX tokens, the platform will automatically distribute potential and verified ICOs to the investors. As per the official OZEX whitepaper.

The platform also incorporates Smart Contracts to automatically airdrop token in the respective accounts of the investors. OZEX has already successfully partnered with LEGALBLOCK which will be the first airdrop token of the platform.

OZEX ICO is coming

OZEX ICO will be uniquely proceeding, as OZEX is an investment coin, regardless how much OZEX investor is holding, OZEX will airdrop tokens, during 3 rounds of ICO. Then investor can be distributed verified and potential tokens. Since the presale has been ended earlier, due to Ethereum was almost twice as much as higher than the presale start date. 24 hours prior to the start of each rounds, the finalized OZEX/ETH Rate will be announced, Also, the number of NEW TOKENs.

ICO HARDCAP : 170 Million OZEX

OZEX ICO Price (Approximately) : 1 OZEX =

Acceptable Currency : Ethereum

ICO Start : 20th June 2018 (01:00AM GMT)

Minimum Amount to Invest : 0.5 ETH

NEW tokens free airdrop

1st LegalBlock (1 OZEX : 1 XLK ) /
20th June ~ 11th July

2nd Upcoming (Announcement on 12th of July)
/ 16th June ~ 6th August

3rd Upcoming (Announcement on 7th of August)
/ 8th August ~ 28th August

ICO End : 28th Aug 2018 (09:00AM GMT)

The above is a paid press release from OZEX.