Bidooh launches ICO pre-sale with its revolutionary digital billboard platform

Digital platform to use blockchain technology to bring real-time speed of delivery and transparency to the global Out-of-Home advertising industry

Blockchain Expo North America 2019

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Bidooh, know for its real-time, real-audience, digital advertising platform, is pleased to announce the launch of its Initial Coin Offering (“ICO”) pre-sale of its cryptocurrency, DOOH Token.

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The world’s first facial analysis, digital billboard software platform on the blockchain called Bidooh, is promising to transform the $34.8bn Out-of-Home (“OOH”) advertising industry through democratisation, engagement and transparency.

Fully compliant with GDPR, its technology was inspired by the scene in the film ‘Minority Report’ where Tom Cruise’s character walks alongside a screen and it changes as he walks by. The Company provides a complete turnkey platform which allows businesses to create an advert on the Bidooh app or website and book space in real-time. Within 60 seconds, the advert is displayed on a selected screen around the globe and data analytics is made immediately available for advertisers to measure the performance of their campaign.

Industry regulators consider the process of purchasing outdoor advertising space to be slow, outdated and inefficient. With Bidooh, any business – no matter how small or local – can become an advertiser and any screen can become an advertising screen by plugging a Bidooh Box into the HDMI port.

Abdul Alim, co-founder and CEO, commented: “Out-of-Home advertising is a multi-billion dollar industry that was really overdue for innovation. By providing real-time advertising – analysed and verified on the blockchain – Bidooh is presenting the future of digital billboard advertising. The DOOH Token sale will provide the impetus to advance our partnerships, further develop our platform and roll it out at speed. We welcome all those who share our vision and look forward to updating the market on our progress.”

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