Growing Popularity of Cryptos, Drives Surge in Next-Gen Financial Solutions


Crypto currencies are becoming so popular that they now feature in advertisements on national television. SinglePoint, Inc., a company focused on obtaining companies that will benefit from the injection of growth capital and technology integration, recently released the first TV promotion for its bitcoin wallet application, SingleCoin. The SingleCoin wallet can be used to store cryptocurrency and make payments, giving consumers an easy opportunity to use this new form of electronic money.

The straightforward, digital platform that allows everyone to benefit from blockchain payments, is available on both iOS and Android devices and comes with a detailed cryptocurrency guide on the company’s website. This makes the platform not only easy to use, but it also makes cryptocurrency more accessible for ordinary consumers.

Dedicated cryptocurrency enthusiasts, with the technical skills to manage electronic finance directly, can use their computing skills to manage their cryptocurrency. But for the vast majority of consumers, systems such as SingleCoin may make a new and powerful form of payment accessible for everyone.