Global Investment Advisory Company says much more Stable STO might merge with, or Entirely Replace IPO


Memorandum.Capital, a global investment advisory company focused on VC and STO fundraising for Tech Startups, is continuing to spread the wealth of its know-how on successful investing in blockchain. The article entitled STO Is the New Black in The Crypto Investment World, appeared on the expert platform yesterday.

Professor Victor Michaelson, Memorandum.Capital managing partner, says that STO might merge with, or entirely replace IPO, and it might even do the same for other forms of funding in exchange for shares of the company. In addition, Dr. Michaelson argues that with only €300K of cost and a minimum of €5M return, STO comes as a very stable and efficient fundraising tool, accessible by investors globally. It is also perfectly suitable for startups, strapped for cash, and for midsize companies.

In the new, just-released 3-minute video lecture,  Dr. Victor Michaelson, discusses some additional aspects of STO, such as the types of enterprises that would benefit the most from it.