New Decentralized Social Network Platform Creary rewards Creatives and curators for sharing Digital Art


Creary, a blockchain-based social network of multimedia portfolios just launched its new platform on which creatives and curators can get rewarded for sharing their digital creations with the community. Artist can now share their creative portfolios, by uploading legal digital content, images, videos, music, texts, digital books or any other multimedia format.

The decentralized art community rewards artist for their creative work according to the votes received from the community. These rewards are in the platform’s token called CREA that can be converted easily into any other coin (cryptocurrency and fiat). Users all have a profile a with a wallet in which their earnings are automatically stored. The reward distribution system is governed by the community itself and any user can vote freely and in real time how they want the Crea network to evolve.

The new platform offers a public and transparent alternative of intellectual property registration, making intelligent use of the revolutionary distributed Blockchain technology. The platform automatically creates incorruptible timestamps that issue a certificate of authorship and a distribution license for any digital work, which automatically protects the work of artists, designers, and multimedia creatives who share their works on the platform.

It has been a real challenge for the Creary team to create a product with an attractive interface, with a good user experience. Creary’s decentralized ecosystem has been designed in order to distribute all of the power and benefits of the network among all of its users who add value to the community.

Creary is the first Dapp built on the distributed CREA Network. It is an open source network designed especially for the creation of blockchain-based decentralized applications and social networks of digital content.