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Kik’s Kin Cuts Deal with MadLipz and its 40m Short Form Video Creators

MadLipz, a social entertainment app that allows users to easily express themselves using short-form video, announces that the integration of Kin cryptocurrency as a mechanism is now live in its mobile app. This is the result of a partnership with The Kin Foundation that was inked late last year. 

MadLipz is part of a select group of design partners that the Kin Ecosystem squad works with to help develop user-centric in-app experiences. 

Noa Kessler, Product Manager at Kin Ecosystem, said:

“We are really excited to partner with MadLipz because we see it as a perfect fit for the Kin Ecosystem. This is the first time that Kin has been integrated into the onboarding experience, making it an integral part of the app, that helps creators deepen their engagement with the community, and users to fairly reward creators for their favorite content.” 

“Gamification is a natural next step in developing our social platform and encouraging content creation by empowering the creative members of our community,” says Amir Alikhanzadeh, Co-Founder and CEO of Madlipz. “With Kin, users can now show support to other users beyond simply giving likes and posting comments.” 

MadLipz first launched as a creation tool in 2016. Social features were added in 2018. The app has 40 million users from over 100 countries, creating in over 80 languages. Videos created with the MadLipz app are called lipz and are limited to fifteen seconds. They are often funny and easy to share. Lipz have gone viral in the past and been shared on social media by well-known celebrities, such as Snoop Dogg and David Beckham. Sixty million lipz have been created in the app and approximately 200,000 lipz are created daily. 

“This Kin partnership is only the beginning. Expect more partners to be announced,” the CEO ended. 

In other news, Freewallet said in a recent blog post that it’s KIN-friendly now and has just announced full support for Kin coin (KIN), which has recently migrated to its own blockchain. Freewallet props up the Kin swap and adds the coin to its flagship wallet, Freewallet: Crypto Wallet, available on Android, iOS, and web.

Freewallet is one of three wallets that instantly supported Kin’s transition to its own blockchain, based on a special fork from Stellar’s network. After swapping their ERC20 token to a new coin, hodlers can easily deposit, store, and withdraw the new Kin coin within Freewallet. 

Solomon Brown, Freewallet’s head of PR, stated:

“Kin is an example of the perfect development of the utility token. What started as an in-app tool to be exchanged for goods, stickers, and different services within the Kik ecosystem, has become an actual cryptocurrency after the launch of its own mainnet. We always aim high when it comes to supporting new cryptocurrencies. We were ahead of the game with the Tron swap last summer, and now we are one of the three wallets that instantly supported the Kin transition”.

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