Neufund Launches Blockchain-Driven Equity Token Sale for Retail Investors Out of Lichtenstein


Berlin-based tokenised equity crowdfunding platform Neufund is releasing its first issuer to retail investors on their platform called Greyp, an electrical mobility platform backed by Porsche, Camel Group and T-mobile. It’s a sister company of Rimac Automobili, a car manufacturer founded by Croatian Entrepreneur Mate Rimac. The offering starts on September 16th, the investment terms can be found on the company’s listing page.

Neufund, who claim they are the world’s first platform to launch a fully compliant retail public offering using Blockchain technology, is headed by Forbes Top 50 Women in Tech and pioneering tech entrepreneur Zoe Adamovicz. The platform has received clearance from the Financial Monetary Authority in Liechtenstein to host public offerings with a minimum investment of just €10, making it accessible to investors of all sizes.

“Today, Neufund delivers on its promise to democratize access to funding for entrepreneurs globally and enable anyone to access most innovative investment opportunities with ease, in a compliant and secure environment. It’s a big day – not just for Neufund, but business and finance communities at large” commented Zoe Adamovicz, co-founder and CEO of Neufund.

Neufund says they dramatically lower the barrier to entry for companies raising funds, reducing the cost of conducting a public offering compared to traditional IPOs.  It also accelerates the fundraising process in comparison to VC rounds (companies can launch their campaign within days of going through KYC), and offers the same accessibility to global investors as blockchain-based token sales, without compromising on security.

While Neufund offerings are governed by German or Lichtenstein jurisdictions, companies can be incorporated from most countries around the world (including the UK). Neufund is already working on future offerings with companies based in India, Croatia, Germany, and Belgium. 

“I am pleased that Neufund has decided on Liechtenstein.  This shows that Liechtenstein, with its open attitude towards new technologies, is perceived as an attractive location for innovative business models,” said Adrian Hasler, the Prime Minister of Liechtenstein.

€16m has already been deployed through Neufund. The company attracted over a thousand of investors to its first fundraising in 2017, and again in 2018, when it conducted the first offering of tokenized equity for professional investors to test-drive its platform. More than 5 thousand investors have signed up on the platform since launching in May 2018. 

Neufund is a challenger, blockchain-enabled investing and fundraising platform. Founded in 2016, the company democratises access to capital for innovators and entrepreneurs & make investing easy, safe and accessible to everyone. The company is led by Zoe Adamovicz, a serial founder and CEO.