Friday, October 2, 2020
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R3 Founder David Rutter Unveils New Blockchain-Based, Bond Market Platform LedgerEdge

R3 founder David Rutter says he is looking to tackle some of the biggest challenges in the corporate bond market with his new trading...

Japan’s Nomura Securities and BOOSTRY Issue First Blockchain Digital Bond Offering

Nomura Securities (NS) joined the Nomura Research Institute (NRI) and BOOSTRY have joined up in a venture to create Japan's first digital asset bond...

French Bank Societe Generale Issues €100m Bond as a Security Token on Ethereum

French Bank Societe Generale has issued the first covered bond vehicle worth €100 million as a security token on Ethereum blockchain. The home financing...

Nobody Wants to Use Crypto Tokens: SelfKey Found a Workaround

This story is published in cooperation with Token Report, which operates Blockchain News. Most transactions between humans function more efficiently without a crypto token. An...

Dash and KuvaCash Partner to Fight Inflation in Zimbabwe with Cryptocurrency

Dash, the top digital currency for payments, has today announced an ambitious joint venture with KuvaCash, a program designed to solve Zimbabwe’s ballooning inflation,...

Switzerland’s SIX Securities Services Develops Blockchain-Based Bond Issuing Solution

SIX Securities Services, Switzerland’s post-trade market infrastructure has developed – and intends to deploy – a distributed ledger technology (DLT) based solution covering the...

Expanse Project Announces Launch of the Expanse Bond System (EBS)

The Expanse Project has announced the development and launch of a new reward system, Expanse Bond System (EBS) which incentivises EXP.BOND buyers to hold their tokens...

IBM works with BI Securities to Test Blockchain Technology for Bond Trading Platform

IBM today announced SBI Securities is testing the potential of Blockchain technology for a new type of bond trading system. Working in collaboration with IBM,...