Tuesday, January 25, 2022
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Consensus Day 2: Quotes and Quips from the Convention

Day 2 of Consensus 2018 was wall-to-wall panels, with too many break-out sessions and booths to visit as 8,500 attendees waved their badges through...

AidCoin Launches in Beta, Partners With TokenStars and LastMinute Foundation

UK-based AidCoin has launched its charity token platform and has teamed up with two high-profile collaborators. The AIDCoin platform was launched in beta on...

Canadian Startup Aims to End Homeless Hunger with Blockchain Technology – Cashless Society and Donor Cynicism Tackled by Proposal

BlockCrushr Labs say they have a rock solid solution to revolutionize P2P (person to person) street giving, using “Blockchain” technology to ensure that funds given to...

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