400 Percent Growth in Decentralized Marketing Technology Projects: Report


Released on Tuesday, a report detailing the blockchain marketing technology landscape highlights a growth rate of 400 percent in initiatives over the past six months. Compliled by service provider, Never Stop Marketing, the report also looks at more granular trends for the period, including growth in search and social advertising projects of over 500 percent, identity projects increasing by over 100 percent, and loyalty and rewards programs growing over 150 percent, as more cryptocurrencies are introduced into the ecosystem.

CEO of Never Stop Marketing Jeremy Epstein said, in a statement: “This is an unprecedented growth rate. Put in context, the solar power industry took four years from 2010 to 2014 to grow 400 percent. Similarly, it took more than three years for marketing technology solutions as a whole to grow 400 percent, from 2014 to 2017.”

The report also covers established projects within the decentralized advertising and marketing landscape that have steadily gained traction in recent months: AdChain has a market cap of over USD 21 million and a daily trading volume averaging USD 200,000; Steem is in the top 500 websites for US traffic and is one of the 1,200th most visited sites in the world and Loyyal has worked with Smart Dubai on blockchain-based rewards for tourist activities and is engaged in preliminary talks with both Singapore Airlines and the Amadeus Global Travel Ecosystem for additional loyalty program initiatives.

Epstein added, “We expect to see this landscape grow even more, perhaps even at a faster rate as more talent and capital flows into the space. These are only the Blockchain MarTech projects we know about and it is certainly possible that we have missed more than a few. We will update as we discover more.”

To learn more about Never Stop Marketing and the Blockchain Marketing Technology Landscape report, visit https://www.neverstopmarketing.com/.