Sunday, September 20, 2020
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In a Smart City, How Do We Stop Advertisers From Being King?

“If you’re not paying for the product, you are the product.” This phrase was spun in the 1970s to describe the advent of television...

Will Blockchain Revive the Banner Ad?

Remember when every website used to have a banner ad emblazoned across the top of the page? Not anymore. Banner ads were all the...

Facebook Updates Policy To Allow Vetted Crypto Businesses to Advertise, ICOs Still Banned

Facebook announced on Tuesday an update to the policy instituted in January that prohibited ads promoting financial products and services frequently associated with misleading...

24 Hours Using Blockchain: A Walkthrough. Part 2

Welcome back to Part II! Reminder : This story follows a young man living in a fully decentralized world through an hypothetical 24 hour-scenario using solely...

AdLedger, IBM & Salon Are Building a Better Digital Advertising Blockchain

AdLedger announced last week a new partnership with IBM and Salon Media to develop a proof of concept blockchain designed to improve transparency and...

EnvisionX Launches ICO for Transparent, Programmatic Advertising Platform

Digital advertising company EnvisionX on Tuesday launched an initial coin offering (ICO) to develop its EXCHAIN advertising platform, which promises a blockchain-based, transparent, programmatic...

DashBid Launches Non-US Tokensale for PreVUE Advertising Model

New Jersey-based DashBid, the developer of proprietary Blockchain advertising platform PreVUE, launched a non-US token sale on Friday for its platform, which gives viewers ownership...

400 Percent Growth in Decentralized Marketing Technology Projects: Report

Released on Tuesday, a report detailing the blockchain marketing technology landscape highlights a growth rate of 400 percent in initiatives over the past six...

IVEP Announces Whitelist for Interactive Video Advertising Protocol

Non-profit Interactive Video and Experience Protocol Association (IVEP) announced Monday, Feb 5, the opening of whitelist registration for its upcoming dubtokens presale, running through to...

Blockchain in OTT Video Advertising: IAB Whitepaper

Released on Thursday, a new whitepaper by the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) claims to uncover strong use cases for blockchain technology in digital video...