Thursday, August 13, 2020
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Medici Ventures Keiretsu Companies GrainChain and Symbiont Working Together to Expand Global Operations

Overstock.com's incubator arm Medici Ventures has revealed that two of its keiretsu companies, GrainChain and Symbiont, have joined to beef up GrainChain’s global operations through the use of Symbiont’s...

Ranieri Partners With Symbiont to Bring Blockchain to Mortgage Market

Founded by Lewis S. Ranieri, considered the "father" of mortgage-backed securities, financial services firm Ranieri Solutions announced last week that it’s partnering with institutional...

Crypto Leaders Speak out as US Regulatory Uncertainty Around ICOs Continues

US lawmakers continue to struggle to formulate an approach to cryptocurrencies. This week a federal judge ruled that cryptocurrencies can be treated as commodities...

Orebits & Symbiont Deploy Blockchain Technology to Digitize Gold Ownership

Orebits, a provider of digitization services for unrefined commodities, and Symbiont, a Blockchain company, have partnered to bring clients of Orebits the opportunity to...

Blockchain Startup Symbiont Hires Renowned Cryptographer

Symbiont, a market-leading smart contracts platform for institutional applications of Blockchain technology, has appointed renowned cryptographer Dr. Lisa Yin as its Chief Security Officer...

Symbiont Releases New Enterprise Blockchain

Symbiont has just released a new version of a software development kit for Assembly, the permissioned distributed ledger component of Symbiont's smart contracts system. Assembly...

Blockchain Company Symbiont To Release Smart Contracts for Insurance

Blockchain company Symbiont, the market-leading smart contracts platform for institutional uses of blockchain technology, will host a live WebEx demonstration of its platform for insurance...

US Governor Jack Markell Launches Delaware Blockchain Initiative

American Governor Jack Markell has rolled out a groundbreaking initiative by the State of Delaware to embrace the emerging Blockchain and smart contract technology industry,...

US State of Delaware Rolls Out Blockchain Initiative to Leverage Potential of Smart Contracts

US DelawareGovernor Jack Markell announced today the establishment of the Delaware Blockchain Initiative, a suite of programs that aims to encourage expanded use and development...

Symbiont and Ipreo Partner in Industry Blockchain Initiative

Ipreo and Symbiont announced today that they are creating a new company to overhaul antiquated and costly manual processing in the $3 trillion global...