Sunday, July 5, 2020
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University of Malta Students Develop and Use Blockchain Voting Application

Master students in Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technologies at the University of Malta have designed, built, and used decentralised blockchain app developed to vote...

Could Liechtenstein become the Malta of the Alps?

When Malta moved to establish itself as a crypto and blockchain powerhouse, it’s fair to say that many people were shocked. We’d seen traditionally powerful...

Neufund Partners with Binance and Malta Stock Exchange

In order to create a regulated and decentralized, global stock exchange, Berlin-based blockchain protocol for tokenizing securities, Neufund on Thursday announced a partnership with...

Binance Backs Malta’s Decentralized Founders Bank

Blockchain island, Malta, has established a new bank which will be owned by cryptocurrency investors. The Founders Bank aims to bring together the world...

Palladium Launches Regulated ICCO for Institutional Investors

Malta-based Palladium is today launching a fully regulated Initial Convertible Coin Offering (ICCO) allowing for crypto to fiat liquidity. Palladium will use blockchain technology...

Malta Approves Three Regulatory Bills to Encourage Crypto Adoption

Malta approved three new laws to regulate blockchain technology on July 4, according to a press release. The bills are the Malta Digital Innovation...

Proving the Blockchain Naysayers Wrong

Whether it be the Sage of Omaha, Warren Buffet or economist Noriel Roubini, there seems to be no shortage of old-economy business leaders ready...

Malta Picks Omnitude to Drive Blockchain Into Public Transport

Malta’s government is pushing ahead with another blockchain initiative: a partnership with middleware platform firm Omnitude will see the technology employed in the country’s public...

Neufund Joins Malta in Developing Tokenized Security Ecosystem

Blockchain-based equity fundraising platform Neufund announced last week that it plans to support Maltese initiatives to develop an ecosystem on the island and expedite the...

Malta-Based Decentralized Ventures to Spearhead Crypto Island’s Blockchain Services Provision

Blockchain services provider Decentralized Ventures on Tuesday announced its official launch, with the objective of bolstering Malta's crypto communities. The self-termed full-stack provider aims to...