Thursday, October 1, 2020
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Medicalchain Inks Deal with Mayo Clinic to Advance Health Tech

UK based blockchain healthcare system Medicalchain, which connects patients with medical specialists worldwide, has signed a joint working agreement with the Mayo Clinic in...

Europe’s Leading Parking Services Network Launches ICO

With a 20-years worth of experience in the business, leading European parking services network ParkinGo is heading in a fresh direction with the launch,...

UK Blockchain Projects Race Against the Clock to Make Brexit Doable

The prospect of falling out of a customs union with the EU, upon the completion of Brexit, has left many companies in the UK...

Hey, Alexa… CREALOGIX Launches Banking Hub with Voice Recognition

Swiss software group CREALOGIX has launched its Invest Crypto application which adds cryptocurrencies and blockchain data to its Digital Banking Hub. The facility allows...

Energi Mine Launches Beta Version of Energy-Saving Rewards Program

Energi Mine, the UK based, AI-powered energy marketplace, announced on Thursday the beta release of its Energi Token rewards system. In the first stage...

FuzeX To Enable Debit Card Style Payments in Energi Mine Tokens, Fiat Coming Soon

Global cryptocurrency card provider FuzeX announced last week a new partnership with Energi Mine, the UK based energy saving blockchain project, to allow customers...

Eximchain Reveals YOOsourcing Partnership, Launches Supply Chain Testnet

MIT founded startup Eximchain announced on Monday a new partnership with YOOsourcing, a platform that enables buyers to verify suppliers’ authenticity. Emimchain also revealed a...

Crypto Tax: Victory for Tokenized Protest & Calls for Worldwide Reform

Thousands of people turned out on the streets of Poland’s capital Warsaw on Friday to protest a hefty tax which authorities sought to impose...

Verv Conducts UK’s First Blockchain Energy Trade

The London-based machine-learning startup Verv announced last week that it has executed the United Kingdom’s first physical trade of energy on the blockchain. The trade...

Award-Winning Eligma Announces $24M ICO To Unify Online Shopping

Slovenia-based startup Eligma announced on Tuesday that its initial coin offering (ICO) will begin April 17, 2018. Eligma’s goal is to unify the online...